Canon Europe
Ambassador Programme

Inspired by documentary and fashion photography, Pablo and his wife Ana’s destination wedding and elopement photography has simplicity, spontaneity and sincerity at its heart.

They currently live in Alicante, Spain.

What is a one to one?

An intensive day where you can share the knowledge of a lifetime.

How long does a one to one last?

The approximate duration is 8 hours, where you will be able to squeeze the most out of me.

What are the options for one to one?

There are two options to do the one to one, either you can come to my city (Orihuela) or I move to wherever you are (you would have to add to the investment of your learning of your learning the displacement).

What is the price of the one to one?

The investment of a full day of learning is 4500€.

Information workshop one to one

Conferences and Workshops

▪ Bujaka WS (Rovaniemi, Finlandia)
▪ WS. Pablo Laguia (Tulum, Mexico)
▪ Workshop PL (San Sebastián, España)
▪ FDF (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
▪ WS Pablo Laguia (San Sebastián, España)
▪ WS Pablo Laguia (Monterey,Mexico)
▪ Bodaf Europa (Madrid España)
▪ WS Pablo Laguia (Chihuahua,Mexico)
▪ We will rock (New York USA)
▪ Bodaf (Oporto, Portugal)

▪ WS Pablo Laguia (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
▪ El Cosmico (San Miguel allende, Mexico)
▪ Nomad workshop (Fez, Marruecos)
▪ The crossroad workshop (Varsivia,Polonia)
▪ Fotoforum (Barcelona, España)
▪ El Cósmico (Tepoztlan, Mexico)
▪ La bellota workshop (Badajoz, España)
▪ Conferencia (Burgos, España)
▪ Workshop PL (San Miguel Allende, Mexico
▪ Workshop PL (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
▪ WS. Gatos y Sirenas (Almeria, España)