Olga & Frank

Gurneys, Hamptons

The atmosphere of this wedding was magical, befitting the exclusive Gurney's hotel in Montauk, where Olga and Frank had chosen to seal their love.

As a wedding photographes, our task was to capture every moment, every emotion, every glimmer of happiness on this special day. And from the moment I saw them, I knew this would be an unforgettable event. Olga exuded elegance in her Berta dress, while Frank looked impeccable in his blue suit.

Both had traveled from Miami to Montauk to celebrate their union in the place where their stories first intertwined. For Olga, this place held special significance, as she had spent many childhood summers here, creating memories that now merged with this new chapter of her life.
The ceremony was a tribute to their love, with the sea as a silent witness in the background. Every vow, every knowing glance, resonated with sincerity and camaraderie. And as the sun dipped completely below the horizon, laughter and hugs filled the air, marking the beginning of a new adventure for Olga and Frank.

The wedding was planned & designed by our dear Amanda Novena weddings.