Maria & Brayden

Villa Gamberaia, Florence

Photographing Maria and Brayden's wedding at Villa Gamberaia in Florence was truly magical.

The grandeur of the villa provided the perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. Maria looked stunning in her spectacular Ines Di Santo gown, while Brayden couldn't take his eyes off her. It was an intimate ceremony, filled with love and palpable emotions at every turn.
From the lush gardens to the villa's most secluded corners, each photograph told a unique story. Capturing the couple's chemistry under the golden Tuscan sun was a privilege. I'm grateful to have been a part of this unique and unforgettable day. The beauty of Villa Gamberaia, coupled with Maria and Brayden's love, made every shot a work of art.

As a wedding photographers, moments like these remind me why we love what we do. Witnessing two souls unite in such a breathtaking setting is an experience I'll always cherish.