Florence Romance

Villa di Maiano

Located in the majestic Villa di Maiano on the outskirts of Florence, unfolds a photographic editorial that merges the essence of luxury with the timeless elegance of Silvia Tcherassi's designs.

Amidst the lush Renaissance gardens and the imposing villa buildings, Tcherassi's dresses find their ideal stage, exuding sophistication and grace in every fold and detail.
Tcherassi's designs, renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship and romantic aesthetic, harmoniously intertwine with the serene and bucolic surroundings of Villa di Maiano, creating a visual narrative that transports to a world of beauty and refinement.

Each photograph captures the magic of the place, highlighting the delicacy of the fabrics and the exquisiteness of the cuts, while the golden light of the sunset bathes everything in an ethereal glow.

This collaboration between fashion and historical setting evokes a dreamlike sensation and celebrates the union of art, fashion, and nature.